LTM 3 – Exclusion zone applies

You excluding this face ????

Dear Mom

I can’t tell you how excluded I feel today. Yesterday OH took his son to the Star Trek Convention at my encouragement. From a very innocuous text to his father, I figured out that OH’s son (OHS) wanted to go, so I encouraged them to go, told OH to buy the expensive tickets (£49.00each) and go. I forfeited going because of the extra expense.
I shouldn’t have bothered really. Apparently they went to a talk by Shatner (£25 each) and had photos taken (£25 each) and seeing as they were spending the petrol anyway, we could all have gone up and had a bit of fun.

But no, Star Trek has been a very ‘exclusive’ party all this time and things don’t change. OH and OHS watch Star Trek alone together behind closed doors, and don’t invite anyone.

Yes, OH said it was a bit unfair not to take everyone, but my expectation was for him to say “no, we are a family, we do family things together” – which of course never happens. Well, to say never would be unfair, it very rarely happens.

So I feel very excluded, even though I encouraged the outing. I just seems another thing for OH and OHS to talk about that does not include us. The parting line widens I guess.

When does it change? My friend G keeps telling me to hold on. How long?

How long do I go on being the person I don’t want to be?

I wish you were here.

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