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Are parents enablers?

Live life

I wasn’t encouraged, pushed or told to by my parents. I do do those things. I go to every show, every, sport event, every Parent Teacher meeting. I push, I check, I moan and I cajole. I do it all. I am NOT a Tiger Mum, but I am pushy, I am not a Helicopter Mum, but I watch what they do, and I try ask them for more.

Back to school – thank GOODNESS!

School clubs, holiday clubs, friends over, send them to friends. Yes, we did it all, and still it seemed that the six weeks were never going to end. In the words of my teens – holidays suck.

Summer holidays – OH NO!!!

Who ever thought up a 6 week holiday for children, hated mothers. It’s the perfect punishment for us, and usually makes us wonder why we ever decided to have the wonderful bundles of ‘fun’!
Who ever decided that it was a good idea? Honestly!

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