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How much do you reward your kids?

Normally when you get married, you hopefully get onto the same page, and you teach your kids the same thing, and you grow together. when you do it with different people, its MUCH more difficult. Especially if you believe different things.

Dad dilemmas

What is it with fathers who are unable to create a relationship that makes the child happy and fulfilled in the relationship?

When your past affects your present.

I miss the lazy long Sundays around the table. I miss the free and easy phone conversation. I miss the engagement you can have with your children in a very calm and easy manner. Basically I miss family dinners.

What kills a relationship?

It is said that one of the biggest reasons for divorce given to the judges in America, is Facebook.
Apparenly Facebook is a hive of past relationships meeting up again, or people meeting new friends online.

Are you a Disney Dad (or Mom)?

Disney Dad – It’s not time to eliminate discipline or instruction from you. By discussing your expectations with them, you are guiding them to be more responsible and continue becoming the best person they can be.

Christmas present and past

Christmas has changed significantly since the early days of my youth. I remember fondly the days of playing the Christmas elf around the Christmas tree ,with family in attendance. I still remember the day I received my tent and sleeping bag which was the beginning of my love of camping.

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