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Are parents enablers?

Live life

I wasn’t encouraged, pushed or told to by my parents. I do do those things. I go to every show, every, sport event, every Parent Teacher meeting. I push, I check, I moan and I cajole. I do it all. I am NOT a Tiger Mum, but I am pushy, I am not a Helicopter Mum, but I watch what they do, and I try ask them for more.

How much do you reward your kids?

Normally when you get married, you hopefully get onto the same page, and you teach your kids the same thing, and you grow together. when you do it with different people, its MUCH more difficult. Especially if you believe different things.

Letter to Mom 2 – (LTM 2) – Money is no object

I wish I could call you and say these things to you, but I can’t so it seems that this is the only way to do it.
You always listened without judgement, and somehow you always still supported me in an unstinting nonjudgmental way.

When your past affects your present.

I miss the lazy long Sundays around the table. I miss the free and easy phone conversation. I miss the engagement you can have with your children in a very calm and easy manner. Basically I miss family dinners.

I need a religion

I used to love a lot of stuff, I used to have the joy of life, but lately that has been sucked out of me. I don’t have the ‘joy’ any more, and I really can’t be much fun to be around.

The Sandwich generation – my top 10 tips to avoid being one

I do not want to be a burden on my children. I do not want to be reliant on somebody else for my income. It is incumbent on me to make sure that that is does not happen. if however, my children want to help me when I am order that will be welcome. But I would like them to do it out of love and generosity rather than out of necessity. I hope I get it right.

What kills a relationship?

It is said that one of the biggest reasons for divorce given to the judges in America, is Facebook.
Apparenly Facebook is a hive of past relationships meeting up again, or people meeting new friends online.

Back to school – thank GOODNESS!

School clubs, holiday clubs, friends over, send them to friends. Yes, we did it all, and still it seemed that the six weeks were never going to end. In the words of my teens – holidays suck.

Are you a Disney Dad (or Mom)?

Disney Dad – It’s not time to eliminate discipline or instruction from you. By discussing your expectations with them, you are guiding them to be more responsible and continue becoming the best person they can be.

Inelegant lunch anyone?

My daughter has suddenly become very conscious of herself. Generally, in most girls this is quite normal. However, we have a new twist this week. Lunch.
She has become conscious of how messy her lunch is when she eats it, and would like her food to make her look ‘elegant’ when she eats. Jeepers – bit of a tall order I think?

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