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LTM5 – once again

Dear Mom Last night I cried over dinner when My Man’s mom was mentioned. All he said was that his Mom was please my kids were doing so well, and he wasn’t sure hows she knew, and I said it was cos I told her. I told her because I should be telling you, and I can’t. I should be telling […]

I need a religion

I used to love a lot of stuff, I used to have the joy of life, but lately that has been sucked out of me. I don’t have the ‘joy’ any more, and I really can’t be much fun to be around.

Back to school – thank GOODNESS!

School clubs, holiday clubs, friends over, send them to friends. Yes, we did it all, and still it seemed that the six weeks were never going to end. In the words of my teens – holidays suck.

Halloween was a bit slower this year…

So, I have decided to take charge of next year, and I will drop a note in the close’s mail boxes explaining that we will be coming around, and if they want to participate, please to leave a ‘sign’ outside to let us know so we don’t disturb the otherwise. Hopefully that will increase the number of houses happy to take part

Present but not always perfect

Live life

Somehow the house gets cleaned, food bought, kids shuffled, school attended, homework completed, bills paid, washing folded ( by my 11 year old) etc. So sorry if things are a little hay wire – 1 Mummy – 5 people in the house. Deal with it!



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