Time is awastin’…..

Its a strange concept – isn’t it?

Time for myself? Well, that never really happens, so I’ll write about FINALLY finding a baby sitter and scheduling Date Night. We do in on the same night every week. That’s basically the only night my partner is free, and can get home at a reasonable time.

I have to plan everything, although one night he did manage to plan a lovely white service dinner at a Jazz club which was great.  I get dressed up in ‘non-home’ clothes. I put on perfume, and jewellery, and off we go.

Now, in general, it’s been great. It’s nice to get out and actually look at your partner over the table, or to sit next to him and enjoy his company.

He’s been working really hard at work, so conversation is rather limited to what’s happening at the office.  I work from home, and my work is amazingly boring to him, so we don’t talk about that.

Other than that, there’s not much but companionable silence, and the wish in me that we had more interesting stuff to talk about. Seriously. I wish.

Is it good? Sometimes. Is it nice to get out ? Hell yes!  Do I wish my life was more exciting? You betcha! But I read an article the other day, that said we should get over ourselves about that. Life is not about fairytale and happy endings. It’s about drudgery and hard work, and getting through the sludge  and the hard times.

And so, that’s what I have to learn to do. Accept we are all different, and that we are lucky to have Date Night at all, and that if we ever get away for a weekend again it’ll be much of the same, and that’s ok.

I have to get over myself. In a nice way of course…. ;-)

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  1. Milly says:

    Thanks for taking part in the Time4You blog hop.
    I understand what you mean about being happy with your lot but I think that we have to try to inject some fun into our lives as well. I love singing, I’ve joined a popchoir and we sometimes end up singing when we have friends over for dinner (OK always end up singing). It brings me so much pleasure and it flows over into the rest of my life.

    Of course everyone has hard times and it can be a bit drudgy then. I find it when I’m worried about bills and I can’t shake that feeling off but then we go into slightly better financial times and things seem much lighter and happier.

    Hubby and I have recently decided to learn ceroc dancing on a Monday night. We’re not going to go every week due to work commitments but when we are free we go. It’s lovely doing something different and active and then we go out for a drink afterwards.

    I think we have a duty to ourselves (and perhaps our partners) to find things to do together that we both enjoy. Our ceroc class was £8, we got the bus there and had a drink afterwards. Of course we did have to pay for the babysitter but it was definately worth it.

    Thanks again for joining in. Do let me know if you have any blog hops.
    Best wishes

  2. Your life isn’t boring! With children + the blog-sphere there should be enough of interesting things to talk about the whole night through!
    I tell him about funny conversations from Twitter, lovely new finds (kids style and design -he’s more interested in the latter), technology I’ve discovered or started using (he’s very interested in this part) I talk about what happened in the playground (not so interested in this -but I have to tell someone!) I also talk about things in the news, what I’ve read or heard that day. We often talk about our dreams for the future like about moving to a larger home, buying a country hose in Italy, he talks about getting a new car and we talk about where we want to go on holiday.

    I’m sure you have tons of interesting things to talk about too! Don’t be shy and quiet -no reason to!

    Love theScandinavianMum x

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