Present but not always perfect

Live life

That’s me – in a nutshell. I am present, but not always perfect. Sometimes I’m a horrid ( not Marvellous) Mummy.

Sometimes I’m a horrid partner, and sometime I’m great.

Today my man sent me a mail to say thanks, cos he saw me sweeping the kitchen floor at 8 am in the morning, and he wanted to say thanks. This is because one of the things he hates is feeling food / grime under his bare feet, so much so that he has now bought slippers to walk around in, cos it grates him so much.

You know what my thoughts were when I got the mail ?
First : ” Ahhhh, sweet, he’s being thoughtful.” ( and he was/ is I get it ……)
Second : ” Did you notice the washing up, the hoovering, the cooking supper, making the kid lunches, working a job for 6 hours a day, the shopping, the cleaning, the gardening, sorting the plumber and the driving around I do all day too?”
Third : “Let’s not go down this road….”

I mean seriously, as someone recently said to me in a not so sympathetic way, “YOU are the adult.” If it drives you mad – DO something about it!!
Can you use a broom ? Halleluiah!!

Not that I don’t appreciate his saying thanks, I do, and I love that he makes the effort, but honestly, he works, comes home, eats food I’ve cooked, reads to kids 3 nights a week, spends Fridays exclusively with his son, and a fair part of Saturdays, rests on Sundays and then that’s it.

Somehow the house gets cleaned, food bought, kids shuffled, school attended, homework completed, bills paid, washing folded ( by my 11 year old) etc. So sorry if things are a little hay wire – 1 Mummy – 5 people in the house. Deal with it!

<rant over….>

Carry on people – there’s nothing to see here… ;-)

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2 Responses to “Present but not always perfect”

  1. You are posting recent blog entries on twitter as well? If so I would like to know your account, so I can follow you there and be informed.

  2. Wendy says:

    I am @marvellousMummy on twitter – follow me with pleasure!

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