I need a religion

Read that again. I didn’t say I needed religion, I said I needed A religion.  Something to follow and believe in.

I need it for my sanity. I need it so that I can believe in. Something to follow, something to pt my energies into.

You see, my children are NOT enough for me, and as much as I love my partner, my dedicatiuon to him has been over the odds of late. That means that I am spending FAR too much time looking after him, and not enough time looking after me.

So, I need something esle to do. the question is: WHAT?

I used to love a lot of stuff, I used to have the joy of life, but lately  that has been sucked out of me. I don’t have the ‘joy’ any more, and I really can’t be much fun to be around.

So, I’ve made a list:

Nordic walking
Rock climbing ( I used to love it)
Dog training ( i find very frustrating)
Helping old people
Any ideas? Any comments? I’ll tale all the help I can get!

I need something to do , to believe in , to get excited about. I need a life!!

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