Halloween was a bit slower this year…

Since we moved towns, this has been the first Halloween in our new area.

Unfortunately we have been spoilt by previous experience in a busy, bustling metropolis, where the kids all get together, the houses are closer together, and there are far more people taking part. We are used to BAGS of sweets.

Not this year.

Interestingly, this year my daughter made  a huge  effort – she really did. And she looked amazing ( as a witch). Unfortunately the few numbers of houses that participated were so little they came away with 6 sweets from only 6 houses.  She was really sad about it, and I was sad for her!

So, I have decided to take charge of next year, and I will drop a note in the close’s mail boxes explaining that we will be coming around, and if they want to participate, please to leave a  ‘sign’ outside to let us know so we don’t disturb the otherwise.  Hopefully that will increase the number of houses happy to take part.

Otherwise we will be driving a loooong way back to the ‘old’ neighbourhood to join the others!!

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