Are you a Marvellous Mummy

I am a marvellous MUM

Are you ? Do you do everything for your kids, work a full day in the corporate world, come home and cook a 3 course meal, and then get into bed and give your husband everything he wants – and more?

Oh no, wait – that’s Super Mummy – and…… she doesn’t exist!!!

Seriously, Marvellous Mummys are Mums that do their best, try hard, fill most of the gaps and are normal.

Yes, that’s you, me and 90% of the other mums in the world. We are all marvellous, and we deserve to think of ourselves as such.  So, if you don’t think so, stand in front ofthe mirror and yell “I AM MARVELLOUS!” as loud as youcan.  The sit down, bookmark this site, and let’s go on a journey together to  meet other Marvelous Mummys, and to celebrate who we are, and what we are.

YOU are a Marvellous MUM!

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