Are parents enablers?

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If you never chase your kids to do better or work harder, are you an enabler for them to not really achieve?

If you don’t look at their homework, or go to Parent/ Teacher meetings, are you enabling them to be mediocre?

I have to say YES.


Well that’s what I think anyway.

Yes I know I write controversial stuff, and people HATE being told they are not doing the right thing, but it’s just my opinion, and you can have another. It’s a free world.

But you want to know why I think like this? Because I have proof.

My parents never made a Sports Day, checked my homework, came to my Boarding school events, or did Parent/Teacher events. Ever. I was a very bright student, but I didn’t work. I could have worked harder, got A’s in everything, but I wasn’t encouraged, pushed or told to.

But….. I do do those things. I go to every show, every, sport event, every Parent Teacher meeting. I push, I check, I moan and I cajole. I do it all. I am NOT a Tiger Mum, but I am pushy, I am not a Helicopter Mum, but I watch what they do, and I try ask them for more.

And… do you know what ? My kids achieve! My kids win awards in school, my kids are successful!  Actually, they are more successful at school than I ever was.

My daughter tries so hard, and my son, no matter how hard I push, finds it all easy.  Both are bright, but but one works harder than the other.

My son has been captain of his cricket team for 3 years, two of them he was 2 years younger than his teammates! He wants to win, wants his teammates to do well, and he wants to WIN!  My daughter  loves Drama and just wants to be the main part and win awards. They both want to go to University ( my son has chosen his University and course by age 11), and what they’d like to do in life.  My kids plan, cos I taught them to.

I had NO idea what I wanted to do  when I left school – or when I left University, and I finally realised what I liked doing when I hit about 27!! It was only cos I had done quite a few things by then so I knew there was more in the world. I had experienced more, and I had sought out more.  Unfortunately my parents never showed things to me, or explained the world, or told me I had OPTIONS.

So do you enable your child to be mediocre? Do you enable them to be fat? Do you enable them to be rude/ lazy or unkind? Kids learn from us ( or don’t learn) because we teach them.

A child doesn’t want a hamburger unless you have given them one sometime. A child doesn’t know chocolate until you give it to them. They don’t get fat unless you feed them the wrong food and don’t encourage sports and exercise. Then they learn to do those bad habit on their own.

Look at what you do , and change it. Life is for living, let’s get going!



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