LTM6 – How involved does one get?

Holdenhurst Village

Holdenhurst Village

Dear Mom

I know it’s a hard question, but I’ve been asking myself how much one should get involved in your boyfriends child’s life and how much he should get involved in mine? Here’s my take: We live together, the kids don’t have an input from their Dad (they’ve not heard from him since end May), so I expect my boyfriend to get involved.

Help me make decisions, add his input and advice.  I also expect him to do things Dad’s do. Play a bit of rugby, come to Cricket matches. Fix the bicycle. It’s tough. I get involved. I speak my mind.

That’s who I am!!

  • I think he should monitor his kids PC and internet use in our house.
  • I think he should limit his pocket money if the child doesn’t do any chores for it.
  • I think kids SHOULD do chores for pocket money.
  • I think kids should pay for expensive items.
  • I think kids should say ‘please’ and ‘thank you’ to me, and I think they should ask ME about stuff that happens in the house, not their Dad who is at work all day.
  •  I think I should have a say in these things.

I don’t know why I think I should, he’s not my child – but I think a child that lives in my house, is a child that is (almost) mine, so I act as a parent. It’s weird. I think I have the right to say stuff. I know My Man doesn’t tell me stuff cos I have an opinion on just about everything. I hate that.

It’s all so bloody complicated Mom.

I wish you were here, I miss you.

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