LTM4 – Should kids play violent games?

Dear Mom

A friend of mine posts on FB that her 7 year old son can’t wait for Halo 4 (a computer game) to arrive. It’s age restricted 16. Full of violence, and death, and shooting people.#

I am horrified.

I wonder if I should be, cos it seems that loads of parents don’t think it’s a problem. But actually it is.

It really is. There’s data, and files, and research. and some say…

The authors also stated that teens who play violent video games for extended periods of time:

  • Tend to be more aggressive
  • Are more prone to confrontation with their teachers
  • May engage in fights with their peers
  • See a decline in school achievements. (Gentile et al, 2004).

See here



With Grand Theft Auto IV scoring an average press score of 9.9 out  of 10, it’s clear that violent games
are becoming increasingly popular.
As could only have been expected,  angry parents have immediately  spoken out against the game.
Controversy began in 2003 when 18-year-old Devin Moore commited a triple homicide in Fayette, Alabama. His attorney, Jack Thompson,  blamed Grand Theft Auto: Vice City,  calling it a “murder simulator.” ) from

Seriously – it prompted a kid yo go out and KILL!

I wish I knew what you’d say about it…

I miss you


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