Letter to Mom 2 – (LTM 2) – Money is no object

Dear Mom
I wish I could call you and say these things to you, but I can’t so it seems that this is the only way to do it.
You always listened without judgement, and somehow you always still supported me in an unstinting nonjudgmental way.

You see, I don’t understand people. I really don’t.

I don’t understand how someone can tell me that I need to get rid of Sky TV subscription, but not say ‘no’ to their son. When we really don’t have extra cash around.

The child wants to go to a convention – find £100 and buy the tickets – done. Drive up there £40- done. Buy lunch – £30 done.
But wait – there’s more.
The child wants to go to a talk – AND get his picture taken with someone!Picture – £25 – done. Talk ? who knows …. say another £30? and that’s times two so lets say £110 – done!!

So, when I am being told to cut back, and things are tight and we have no cash, apparently we have enough to pay £70 for birthday presents, and £280 for a Star Trek convention for a 16 year old. Yay. I feel so much better for scrimping and saving.

So, someone must be lying about not having money, or……oh, Divorce guilt is huge!!!

I’d love to go to a Star Trek Convention. I’d also love to get a photo with William Shatner. (not that anyone asked if I’d like to) but I said we wouldn’t go because WE CANT AFFORD IT!
I GREW UP with Star Trek – you remember (not that anyone asks) and whilst I understand that the Star Trek is not the latest greatest, it sometimes in nice to revisit old memories of yesteryear and enjoy them once again as you did when younger.

But no, apparently not. This is not for sharing. Certainly not a family activity.

Nothing changes, and hurt still is there.
I miss you Mom.

Wish you were here.

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