How much do you reward your kids?


My partner and I disagree totally on what constitutes a reason to reward kids.

He believes good behavior should be rewarded.  I believe kids should do things for family without rewards, and they should do chores.

He believes if a kids does something, he should be rewarded.

So, his son did his exams, and got a reward. I think you HAVE to do exams, regardless (try tell school you are not gonna write them..).

He says if his kid come to help me with gardening, he should get a reward.  I think he should be glad I’m trying to spend time with his son, and that I have offered to help his son in gym – even before I asked him to help out in the garden.

My son got into County cricket, and I didn’t reward him. He got 3 wickets in the last county match, and I didn’t reward him. I think those are worth rewarding, but I also think kids need to work REALLY hard to get a reward, cos in real life you boss doesn’t reward you for doing your job.

I believe that you should not teach them to expect a reward. He thinks you should reward them. It drives me nuts.  It’s really difficult to live in a life and bring kids up differently.  It’s difficult for me to live with someone who does not believe in what i do.

Normally when you get married, you hopefully  get onto the same page, and you teach your kids the same thing, and you grow together. when you do it with different people, its MUCH more difficult. Especially if you believe different things.

It’s not an easy thing to solve. It’s worth trying to work it out though!






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