LTM5 – once again

letter to mom 5

Dear Mom

Last night I cried over dinner when My Man’s mom was mentioned. All he said was that his Mom was please my kids were doing so well, and he wasn’t sure hows she knew, and I said it was cos I told her.

I told her because I should be telling you, and I can’t. I should be telling you how proud I am of my kids, how they are doing so well, how  Little Man and Little Lady seem to be soaring through school.

Little Man has been invited to do a GCSE now ( the same thing His Son is doing now) which is 3 years younger than normal. It’s a great tribute to him, and I am thrilled for him.
He’s also been invited to Gifted and Talented Dorset Educational Authority – he gets to go away for a weekend and learn much higher Science and Maths than they do at school.
He’s also the Captain for the Wayfarers Indoor Cricket U13 league, a full year younger than he should be. He should be playing U12.  So he’s doing really well.
Oh, he wrote, and go 90% in the Poole Grammar School entrance exam. We’ve decided not to go  there as we thing the Gifted and Talented track in QE is better.
Little Lady is doing very well too. She has been invited to join the Gifted and Talented ion Science in her Year 9 at her new school (started in September) and has had 2 letters sent to me to tell me how well she is doing over all. I am so pleased for her, because it’s tough to be compared to Little Man at times.
The only thing she hates is French, and I’m not worrying about that as she will drop it after this year I think.
She is playing Hockey, played 3 tournaments last week, and although they lost, she did well and was really involved. She’s so small it’s hard for her when the girls come charging down on her, but she’s one tough cookie like her Mum!
Little Man takes up Rugby after half term, and carries on with external Cricket.
Oh, we have a temporary new pet – Gizmo. He’s a leopard Spotted Gekko and he comes from school.
Little Man loves him!
Other than that not much, cold and rainy today and I’m in my winter woolies. Off to cricket training soon as Little Man has been invited to Dorset County Cricket Trials tomorrow. Bit of extra training won’t go amiss!
I am still dealing with lawyers and family and banks and other officious people, and that’s a pin, but it looks to be carrying on forever!!
I do wish I could call you and tell you  these things… which is why it makes me cry.
I pruned teh roses for you today – I know that’ll make you happy.
I wish you were here.
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