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Are parents enablers?

I wasn’t encouraged, pushed or told to by my parents. I do do those things. I go to every show, every, sport event, every Parent Teacher meeting. I push, I check, I moan and I cajole. I do it all. I am NOT a Tiger Mum, but I am pushy, I am not a Helicopter Mum, but I watch what they do, and I try ask them for more.

How much do you reward your kids?

Normally when you get married, you hopefully get onto the same page, and you teach your kids the same thing, and you grow together. when you do it with different people, its MUCH more difficult. Especially if you believe different things.

If you weren’t born in the Thatcher reign, you should be banned from protesting

THere! I’ve said it. Also, if your family PROFITED from her time – you should be banned from protesting. Also, if you GAINED from whatever she did in the post -Thatcher era BECAUSE of what she did – you should send a note to her family on FB thanking her. I’m sick of Thatcher bashing. […]

LTM 3 – Exclusion zone applies

So I feel very excluded, even though I encouraged the outing. I just seems another thing for OH and OHS to talk about that does not include us. The parting line widens I guess.

LTM6 – How involved does one get?

I know it’s a hard question, but I’ve been asking myself how much one should get involved in your boyfriends child’s life and how much he should get involved in mine?

LTM5 – once again

Dear Mom Last night I cried over dinner when My Man’s mom was mentioned. All he said was that his Mom was please my kids were doing so well, and he wasn’t sure hows she knew, and I said it was cos I told her. I told her because I should be telling you, and I can’t. I should be telling […]

LTM4 – Should kids play violent games?

I wonder if I should be, cos it seems that loads of parents don’t think it’s a problem. But actually it is.

Letter to Mom 2 – (LTM 2) – Money is no object

I wish I could call you and say these things to you, but I can’t so it seems that this is the only way to do it.
You always listened without judgement, and somehow you always still supported me in an unstinting nonjudgmental way.

Letter to Mom 1 – (LTM1) – I miss you !

Wish you were here.

Have we lost the plot?

As tween moves to teenagers and further

We’ve lost the plot – destroyed the youth, and the future along with it, and it’s gonna take a loooooooong hard road to get back to civility and financial stability. Let’s get started !!!

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